About us

Here at the Montessori Early Learning Centre we believe all children have the right to reach their fullest potential in life.  Our passion is to help each child reach their potential by providing a quality holistic educational and care program.

Central to our program is the Montessori Method, a child focused educational model based on natural human development.  Our approach respects each child’s uniqueness and engages children in a manner that best suits their developmental needs and interests.

Our children explore the Montessori curriculum, using quality materials, in the morning and enjoy Spanish, yoga, baking / healthy treats, nature walks & projects, music dance & movement and much more in the afternoon.

We offer parents the unique opportunity to combine the benefits of a quality preschool & kindergarten program with child care at an affordable price.  Our facilities include two beautiful spacious classrooms and a large outdoor play area. We are open 12 months a year, except statutory holidays, and our operating hours are 7.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Our Centre is fully licensed by Alberta Child and Family Services and our program is recognized for it’s excellence by the Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services.

Our guiding principles:

Our objective is to nurture, inspire and engage children to reach their fullest potential intellectually, socially, emotionally, creatively and physically.

Respect: Value each child, teach kindness, courtesy, self-discipline and respect for one’s self, others and our beautiful planet;

Curiosity: Inspire and guide each child through our carefully prepared classroom environment, supporting and encouraging their innate desire to explore, discover and learn;

Confidence: Through careful observations and individualized program plans, nurture each child’s growth and development, based on their unique abilities and interests;

Independence: Provide a peaceful, calm and engaging environment that offers freedom of choice, whilst promoting critical thinking and decision making;

Equality: Embrace each child’s uniqueness, create opportunities and empower all children regardless of their background, abilities or strengths.