Ms. Minal, Owner & Program Director

I first fell in love with the Montessori Method when I enrolled my then 3-year-old son in a quality Montessori program.  The child focused holistic learning model, based on natural human development, really resonated with me.  My son’s developmental stage and interests were respected, and his learning was tailored specifically to meet his individual needs.  I was inspired to learn more and what a new and exciting journey it has been.

I hold a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree and qualified as a child welfare lawyer in the UK before immigrating to Canada in 2012.  I am now also MACTE trained in the Montessori Method.

I have worked with children, including special children, since 1997.  My desire to work with children and my passion for Montessori led me to open the Montessori Early Learning Centre in early 2018.  Children are our future; my wish is to provide a quality learning environment and create engaging opportunities for them to reach their fullest potential, whilst teaching them how to be good citizens of tomorrow.


Ms. Pauline, Montessori Guide

I have dedicated 30 years of my professional career to educating young children and the Montessori method.  I hold a Bachelor of Education Degree and an Association Montessori International (A.M.I) Diploma in Early Childhood Education.  I am passionate about the Montessori Method and have had the privilege of sharing my love of Montessori with children across two continents.

I feel very lucky to see those little faces coming into class every day, full of joy and wonder.  Children naturally have a curiosity about the world, they love to learn, and through the Montessori method, they learn how to be joyous, independent learners.

Outside of school, I enjoy spending time on my acreage, with my horses, dog and other animals. I love to garden and I love to sing!  For the last few years, I have also been volunteering my time with a therapeutic riding school.


Ms. Uli, Montessori Guide

I fell in love with Montessori when my son attended a school in London, England, for three years. Ever since then it had been my dream to become a Montessori Guide and hopefully inspire other children the way he was inspired to life-long learning.

My journey has taken me to three continents, acquire two Association Montessori International (A.M.I) Diplomas and study different languages.  I have worked in early childhood education for 20 years and as a Montessori Guide for 10 years.  I also hold a Diploma in Child Psychology.

While travelling and living in various countries, I developed a love for different cultures, foods and customs.  I also love reading and challenging myself to learning new skills, including scuba-diving and hiking / scrambling.  I am so excited to be here working with children.


Ms. Marcela, Montessori Assistant

My academic background and experience, prior to coming to Canada 10 years ago from Mexico, is in science.  After coming to Canada, I was given the opportunity to work with young children, an experience that changed the course of my professional career forever.

The Montessori Method has allowed me to truly appreciate the human potential and the importance of tapping into this at an early age.  I am excited to be given this amazing opportunity to help children reach their fullest potential.

I am certified as a Montessori Classroom Assistant.  In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, swimming and staying fit.