Ms. Minal

Ms. Minal, Owner & Program Director

I first fell in love with the Montessori Method when I enrolled my then 3-year-old son in a quality Montessori program. The child-focused holistic learning model, based on natural human development, really resonated with me. My son’s developmental stage and interests were respected, and his learning was tailored specifically to meet his individual needs. I was inspired to learn more and what a new and exciting journey it has been. I hold a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Science and qualified as a child welfare lawyer in the UK before moving to Canada in 2012 with my family. I am now also trained in the Montessori Method.

I have worked with children, including special children, since 1997. My desire to work with children and my passion for Montessori led me to open the Montessori Early Learning Centre in early 2018. Children are our future; my wish is to provide a quality learning environment and create engaging opportunities for them to reach their fullest potential, whilst teaching them how to be good citizens of tomorrow.

Montessori Early Learning Centre

Ms. Sophie, Montessori Lead

I graduated with a Master’s degree in Information Management in China, and taught Science & Technology for almost 10 years. However, driven by my curiosity and passion for the Montessori philosophy, I returned to school and completed my AMI Montessori Diploma in Early Childhood Education and later my AMI Montessori Diploma in Elementary Education. Needless to say, I have not looked back since! I thoroughly enjoy working with children, and am mindful of a very important Montessori principle when doing so, “When something goes wrong in process of education, do not look at the child, instead look at yourself and the prepared environment”. In my free time, I love painting and being close to nature whilst hiking and camping.

Montessori Early Learning Centre

Ms. Arlene, Montessori Assistant

I have been educating children since 1997, after graduating with a Masters Degree in Education in Manila, Philippines. My professional journey has taken me across two continents and I have had the privilege of working with child as young as 2 to 16 years old! I hold a Montessori Foundations Certificate and am very excited to now study for my MACTE Montessori Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Every day with the children is a new journey and they truly brighten each step of the way. In my free time I enjoy creating beautiful drawings and sketches, cooking and spending time with my young family.